Strawberry Creek Services is a subsidiary of Strawberry Creek Outreach Center, Inc. a non-profit company formed in 2009 with the objective of providing assistance to children in need.

Strawberry Creek Services was set-up with a dream to help children who are in need of a loving home and parental support. Strawberry Creek Services obtained licensing from the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services on May 1, 2014 and accepted a permanent contract to provide child placement services as a child placement agency in November 2015.

Our Children 

When children have been abused or neglected, or are at risk of abuse or neglect, a judge may decide to place them in foster care to protect them. Consider the following statistics from the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services:

  • 4% of children in Texas will be reported for abuse or neglect

  • There are over 30,000 children in foster care in Texas

There is an overwhelming need for foster families in the state of Texas, especially in the metropolitan areas of Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio. Have you considered your role in helping our children in need?